Podcast: Tips for Finding Stripers, with Capt. Aron Cascone

This week, I interview Capt. Aron Cascone of Westerly, Rhode Island, for his tips to help anglers on foot find striped bass along the New England Coast. He then discusses choosing the right fly, the right tide, the right time of day, and the right retrieve. Aron is one of the fishiest guys I know, and he’s spent a life on the water. Even though I’ve been fishing for stripers with a fly rod for over 30 years, I learned a number of good tips, so I’m sure you’ll learn some good stuff, as well.

In the Fly Box, we answer questions on fly-reel choices, making a presentation so that the fly passes over the fish before the leader, suggested camera gear for fly anglers, how to keep cleats from coming out of your wading boots, and how to make a simple saltwater leader. Plus we get suggestions from listeners on lubricating knots with fly paste and how to carry a second rod to the river.

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This big striper exploded on a baitfish fly just a few feet off Capt. Aron Cascone’s rod tip.
All photos by Sandy Hays

4 thoughts on “Podcast: Tips for Finding Stripers, with Capt. Aron Cascone”

  1. Fly fishing guide from RI doesn’t know that the Rays fly was invented by Ray Bondorew who is actually from Rhode Island as well?! Clean it up boys! Hahah, great podcast though, would love to hear more saltwater specific stuff.

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