Podcast: Tips for Blue-lining, with Ian Rutter

[Interview starts at 43:06]

Ian Rutter is a long-time guide in the Smokies and one of our top field-testers.  He specializes in small mountain creeks, as well as their local tailwaters, and because I have had numerous requests for a podcast on “blue-lining,” I wanted to get him on the podcast, so we could hear from someone who does this in the heart of wild mountain brook-0trout country. For those of you who don’t know the term, blue-lining refers to looking for new small trout water on a map and then exploring it to see what it holds. It’s part hiking, part fishing, and part discovery.

In the Fly Box, we have lots of tackle questions, some good tips from listeners, and some other technique related questions.

  • I was gifted a Helios 3 906F. What reel do you recommend for it?
  • I have a 7 ½-foot rod for panfish, a 4-weight for trout, and an 8-weight for steelhead and stripers. I want to fish streamers, redfish, and corbina.  Should I get a 6-weight for that?
  • I have a 10 foot 4-weight Recon and a 11 foot 3-weight Blackout for Euro-nymphing.  What rod would you recommend for a standard trout rod for bigger rivers?
  • Can I catch smallmouth bass in stained water with trout techniques like big dries or a dry-dropper rig?
  • I have the opportunity to make my own bamboo rod. What length and line size do you recommend for small to medium-size rivers?
  • I listened to your podcast recommending a touch of parrafin on loose ferrules and thought I would do it later. On my next trip I broke my rod because of a loose ferrule, and realized I should not have put it off.
  • I see all these videos of people sight-fishing for trout, but I almost never see them in the water myself. Should I practice spotting trout, or is there something else I should do?
  • After reading the book Lords of the Fly by Monte Burke, I decided I never want to fish for tarpon. And what do you think of guides who “discover” a spot and then claim it as their own and push other people out?
  • What is Tom’s most memorable worst day of fishing?
  • What tips and tricks does Tom keep secret and not share with us?
  • Where does Orvis get its products. I know you make some of your rods but where does other tackle come from?

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