Podcast: Tips for Catching Warm-Weather Steelhead

In this week’s podcast, I interview my old friend Brian O’Keefe, founder of Catch Magazine, on tips for catching warm-weather steelhead. Brian is one of the best anglers and teachers around, and I think it’s a particularly helpful interview full of good, solid information. Plus it’s always fun to have Brian on the podcast. In the fly box, we talk about “buddy fish,” the utility of stripping baskets, a recommended rod for moving up from trout fishing, plus other short topics.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

One thought on “Podcast: Tips for Catching Warm-Weather Steelhead”

  1. Great podcast, thanks. I loved the discussion about the different types of fishing buddies, I appreciate mine but sometimes they bug the hell out of me.

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