Podcast: Tips from a Traveling Fly Fisher

This week we talk to Paul Moinester, whom we should all envy. He quit a good job in Washington, DC to simplify and de-stress his life, and spent six months traveling the US to finds out more about fly fishing. He drove from the Keys to Alaska, fishing along the way, and came up with some very eloquent pointers on improving your fly fishing game, based on his many experiences. These are great tips from the perspective of a relative novice (at least he was when he started his trip!).

Click here to read Paul’s blog posts from his travels.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast: Tips from a Traveling Fly Fisher”

  1. Great podcast! Paul’s tips are really excellent and I can relate to his stories about going awhile without a fish haha. Keep up the good work Tom 🙂

  2. All your podcast are great. I’ve learned a lot and they make a 45 minute drive to work a lot more bearable.

  3. I love listening to all the podcasts but I have a feeling that this one is going to be listened to the most. Great podcast and I would love to hear more like this in the future! Stories with lessons learned are always wonderful.

    Thanks Paul for sharing and keep up the great work Tom

    King George, VA

  4. This is a great podcast, Tom. Paul does an excellent job telling all the trials and tribulations we’ve all experienced when trying to catch fish on the fly.

    While we all wish to take a 6 month hiatus to explore the country and fish, Paul really captures the essence and reality of his experience.

    Thank you, Paul, for sharing this wonderful, learning experience with us!

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