Podcast: Tips for Taking Great Fishing Photographs, with RA Beattie

On this week’s podcast my guest is RA Beattie of Beattie Productions/Off the Grid Studios. You have no doubt seen some of his wonderful films, or perhaps you have enjoyed his latest venture—Fly Fishing films on Amazon Prime video. RA shares some tips on both video and still photography with us, and there are some good nuggets in there to help you move beyond the cliched grip & grin shots that have over-saturated social media. Warning—if you don’t understand the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, it might be worthwhile to do a little research before you listen to this one.

In The Fly Box, lots of interesting tips and questions:

  • Why do I keep losing bass when I play them?
  • Should I get a 10-foot 3-weight or 4-weight rod?
  • Can I throw big poppers with a 9-foot 5-weight rod?
  • A warning about the legality of Tenkara rods in rivers designated “fly fishing only.”
  • Are newer graphite rods better for tippet protection than older models?
  • A tip from a listener on pike fishing as practice for saltwater fly fishing.
  • When measuring sections for tying a knotted leader, are the specs for the section before or after you tie the knot?
  • Why do largemouth bass sometimes sniff my fly but don’t attack it aggressively?
  • What is a good recommendation for an inflatable kayak?
  • How do I avoid creek chubs when trout fishing?
  • What is a good starter outfit for northeast saltwater fly fishing?
  • How much better are rubber soles with metal studs? And should I worry about scratches they make on rocks?

How do I read the water on ever-changing rivers like the Bighorn?
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RA Beattie has become a big player in fly-fishing media over the last decade.
Photo via beattieproductions.com

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