Podcast: Tom Answers your Questions

My guest this week is, well, me. I did actually record an interview, but the file got corrupted and I couldn’t get my guest back in time to do a makeover.  So this week is just the Fly Box. The good news is that we have some interesting questions and tips, including:

  • Do I absolutely need a full-sinking line and a stripping basket to fish in the surf?
  • Do you pinch the barbs on flies for all saltwater species?
  • Will streamers and bucktails work throughout the summer?
  • Can I go heavier than 6X on smaller flies to get fish in quicker and stress them less?
  • Why do I catch many fish in a small stream and then see none on the next trip?
  • Any advice on tips for setting the hook when using a long cast?
  • Should I pursue traditional fly gear or just use Tenkara?
  • Should I use a 6-weight for a light saltwater outfit?
  • How can I get the hackle on my Parachute Adams to look better?
  • When would someone replace a dry fly as an indicator with a standard indicator in small streams?
  • What is the best way to attach 80 lb. shock tippet to a 20 lb. class tippet?
  • What is the best material for shucks on emergers?
  • What is the largest trout Tom ever caught?
  • If you are switching back and forth between tippets and modifying your leader, does it matter that you are using the same butt section and midsection all the time?

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Tom Answers your Questions”

    1. Yes there is regarding this question “Do I absolutely need a full-sinking line and a stripping basket to fish in the surf?”

      Tom said he should be fine with a floating line and no basket in the Nor Cal surf which will lead to a comedy show of epic proportions that I would like to see, then hand the poor soul my basket and rod and reel loaded with any type of sink tip or sinking line so he will have half a chance of hooking up.

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