Classic Podcast: Tom Talks Tying Tips with Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions

Here’s a classic podcast, featuring an interview with Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions, who does our awesome weekly tying videos. Over the years, Tim and I have done a bunch of these podcasts, and they are always very popular. This was our very first!

In the Fly Box, I also answer questions about hook quality, wool for fly tying, what to use for Comparadun wings, fly quality, and some theories about why we attach certain materials to a hook. I apologize in advance—Tim and I ramble quite a bit, but with a fly tier of Tim’s caliber, the ramblings are interesting and educational.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

15 thoughts on “Classic Podcast: Tom Talks Tying Tips with Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions”

  1. Tom,
    Keep on giving us these wonderful podcasts, they are both educational and keep me from going bonkers
    during this awful winter in Wisconsin.

    Tight lines old friend,


  2. Tom, Love your podcasts and the videos by Tim! Tim is one of my favorites if not “The Favorite” in video fly tying instruction. Hope you do a few more podcasts with him. And I think I can speak for all of us listeners, having Tim present more technique related information and/or weave it into his tying videos would be awesome!
    The Orvis fly fishing resources are great educational tools for all of us.

  3. YES! YES! YES!

    Great podcast with Tim, and I for one love the ramblings and bunny trails. Looking forward to more of the “technique” type videos Tim mentioned as well!

    Keep the great videos and podcasts coming… and maybe even snag Matt for the next podcast with Tim!

  4. One of my favorite videos from Mr Flagler was for tippet rings with ‘Barbie’. It was very creative. I appreciate that rings can be controversial and definitely not in the purist camp, but the creativity of the video is genius. Thanks, Mr Flagler!

  5. Tom,
    I would love to see more tom and tim podcasts. priceless tying information in all that rambling. thanks tom keep them coming.

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  7. Tom & Tim,
    I really enjoyed the flytying podcast. For a topic that is so ‘visual’, it really came across well. Great insights and a couple of dynamite tips that I haden’t heard before…Don’t apologize for rambling- if anything I think you should ramble more! Great show!

  8. Tom, Tim, Phil:
    Thank you for one of your best podcasts ever.
    Your podcasts are all premium-quality, yet they seem to be getting better with each posting!
    Thank you for inspiring our tying efforts through a long and snow-packed Connecticut winter.

  9. Really solid podcast and I agree this winter has been tough to get out. I had a bit of an insight based on Tim’s idea of having a popsicle stick with velcro on one side and magnet on the other..I did a similar thing on an inexpensive small wood handled paintbrush. Used the magnet off a hook package and some extra velcro from my pedal board!. If you use the small brush it also acts as a “mini sweep” to clean up those harder to get areas on your tying table…Thanks again for the inspiration..


  10. Kudos for this interview and for posting Tim’s videos on the Learning Center. As a complete novice, I have found these videos to be an outstanding instructional resource, and it’s great to have these now easily accessible at the Learning Center. For future consideration, I would like to see some instruction on how to use popular game species (e.g., wild turkey, ruffed grouse, Eastern cottontail) for various fly patterns. And, as far as techniques go: How about something on dying hair and feathers at home?

  11. Hi Tom,
    wonderful podcast again! Thank you.

    I have a small question about the floatation characteristics of snow show rabbits feet compared to cdc.
    When I look at cdc feathers I see very small fibers on the feather. I can imagine that this will hold ear and that this gives the cdc feather it’s floatation.
    What gives the snow show rabbits feet hairs it’s floatability?

    Many thanks,
    Lino Catucci

  12. Hey Tom,
    First off I wanna say I love the podcast. Growing up in Western Mass, trout fishing with my father on the Deerfield River became my first true love. However, I now have a new one, Steelhead. My dad and I make an annual trip to the salmon river in pursuit of these animals! Since it is fly tying month, I was wondering what are some of your favorite flies used to target Great Lakes Steel?

    Kevin Wiater

  13. The Tom and Tim Podcast is now one of the BEST TWO I have ever listened to! Thank you. I just started tying this winter(Thanks you my wife and kids). Tims Videos have contributed to my tying as much as Tom’s books and podcasts have contributed to my fishing. Both have meant so much to my improvement and success as well as keeping my wits when I carry the skunk home or have the thread break at the end of winding the hackle. Great news that Tims videos will be available and organized on Orvis Learning Center! Thank you Tom and Orvis.

  14. Terrific podcast. Tom and Tim are a great combination. Tim’s videos are a wonderful resource. Kudos for putting them on the Orvis learning center. Thanks.

  15. Tom, bring back Tim again for more ramblings. It was not a problem at all. In fact my ADD mind was able to follow along seamlessly. You guys skipped a GREAT book for fly tying; it is a wonderfull resource and teaching aid for new and experienced tiers alike: Charlie Cravens books are wonderfull! I recomend them to anyone that asks and have given them outstanding reviews on Amazon and the like. Keep up the great work with the podcasts and thank you Orvis with the help on identifing the rod that my father-in-law picked up at a flea market that turned out to be a STEAL!

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