Classic Podcast: Tom and Tim’s Annual Fly-Tying Spectacular

Editor’s Note: Tom is out of town this week, so here’s a classic podcast that originally aired on 1/19/2018. Enjoy!

This week’s podcast is my annual bull session with Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions. Instead of us picking a topic, we decided to ask listeners for questions. We both field questions about:

  • making a dubbing noodle out of short-fibered dubbing (along with a bunch of other tips on dubbing),
  • choice of articulations for jointed flies,
  • mono weed guards on bonefish flies,
  • black vs. gold beads on nymphs,
  • consistently reproducing patterns,
  • proportions in cutting hair and fur,
  • mixing dubbing to imitate specific insects,
  • the differences between various types of natural dubbings, and
  • what makes a “good” hackle feather.

And of course we ramble a bit. But that’s what fly tiers do when they have an hour to kill. We went on so long that there’s no fly box this week. Just one long fly box, and all about tying.

Tim Flagler is one of the stars of American fly tying.

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