Classic Podcast: Tom’s Top 10 Tips to Beat the Heat

[Editor’s note: This week’s podcast has been delayed, so here’s a classic but timely one.]

This week, we talk about fishing in hot conditions, a timely topic given the weather we have had lately. In the Fly Box, we also talk more about fly lines for bass, when to change a dropper fly if only one pattern is working, whether it is okay to harvest small brook trout for lunch, how to decide among the thousands of attractor patterns, best flies for perch, “RADD” (river ADD), how to practice for trout on your local panfish lake, and best rods for kayak fishing.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

2 thoughts on “Classic Podcast: Tom’s Top 10 Tips to Beat the Heat”

  1. Great info as always. Question: I’m headed to NW Ontario for a week of smallmouth, lake trout, northerns and walleye. The mayflies are hatching in abundance and I’m finding some indication they can be taken on dry flies. Have you got any help for me? Thanks as always for you and Orvis.

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