Podcast: Top-Secret Steelhead Tips with Stefan Woodruff

In this podcast Stefan Woodruff—senior guide with Ellensburg Angler in Washington State—reveals (some of) his secrets for catching steelhead, plus an overview of the steelhead opportunities in his state. Trout anglers will also enjoy his tips on fishing the Yakima River, tips that should work anywhere.

In The Fly Box, we range cover how to tie gel-spun backing to fly line, how to fish with a friend and really fish together, what to do if you get snagged on a small stream, hooking fish on fiberglass rods, identifying jumping fish, what materials to save for fly tying from hunting trips, and how to avoid drag when fishing to fish in a slow pocket on the other side of fast current. I also decline to give marital advice to one listener.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Stefan Woodruff shows off a sweet steelhead.
Photo via Facebook

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