Podcast: All About Emergers, with Tim Cammisa

Interview begins at 41:06.

I get frequent questions about fishing emergers, and it’s a confusing subject. Do I fish one like a nymph or like a dry, and how deep should I fish it? My guest this week, Tim Cammisa, is a well-known fly tier who specializes in doing presentations on tying and fishing emergers, so I thought it would be great to get his tips on them. He shares some great insights that will help you tie and fish these transitional patterns more effectively.

In the Fly Box, we have some interesting questions and thoughtful tips form listeners, including:

  • How do you deal with adding and removing split shot?
  • What should I use to touch up the finish on an old bamboo fly rod?
  • I have some old leader material that is difficult to tighten. Is it because the nylon is old?
  • Why do we think we need so much backing on reels? And why are light lines as long as heavier lines?
  • Can I wear hunting waders for winter fishing?
  • Will stocked trout spawn in rivers if they survive to spawning season?
  • A great tip from a listener on handy modifications you can make to any fly-tying vise
  • Do you know of one pair of sunglasses that will adapt to changing light situations?
  • I am confused by all the hook styles and bead types for Euro nymphs.  Can you narrow it down to three styles of hooks and beads in various sizes?
  • What do you think of fishing pegged beads?
  • If I tie a mono rig, can you clinch knot the mono directly to the permanent loop in the fly line?
  • For prescription sunglasses, what color lens and brand do you recommend?
Photo from Tim’s book, Fly Tying for Everyone.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: All About Emergers, with Tim Cammisa”

  1. Dear Tom,

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your podcast with Tim. The both of you were so full of tips and observations that I have had to relisten several times. My son told me about podcasts some time ago but I am more of a visual guy and had not taken the time…however now I am a convert because as I listened to Tim and yourself I visualized and incorporated my own experiences as you described situations. This was a great learning tool for me…I am 71 now and have been an Orvis customer since about 1968 when I ordered from the Orvis catalog the Orvis Grey Fox Variant and the Early Black Stonefly nymph to use on my home streams for brown trout. These flies worked magic and led to my visiting the Manchester shop in maybe 1980 or so when I bought my first Brook Trout rod, a 4 wt. 7 1/2 ft. delight. And that day actually, you just returned and came into the shop after having fished on a trip, possibly to the White River? or Green River, can’t remember, and everyone was asking about it in the shop. I entered the Orvis Record Catch Club with a brown in 1968 and received a pin for it which I still have in my treasure box.
    But back to the subject at hand, I was so taken with Tim’s enthusiasm and presentation. That with your own comments is a bible to listen to on the subject of emergers and fishing techniques. I found familiar ground in fishing the Leisenring Lift you spoke of (that was from Vernon Hidy’s book on Wet Fly Fishing) and have done it for years so I fully understood what you two were describing. Myself I fish downstream a lot and skitter my flies quite similar to Leonard Wright’s Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect. I was impressed and got to thinking quite a bit about how flies are trapped in the Meniscus Curve of water at the surface, how mosquito larva poke a breathing tube through this area, and how helpless some of the insects are because they seem not to have the strength….. lots to think about and inspire at the vise.
    Thankyou so much for having Tim on the show and I look forward to hearing more presentations from him on your show.

    All the best wishes for an enjoyable Holiday Season…


    John Wilson

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