Podcast: Unraveling the Clean Water Act, with Bob Irvin

(The interview starts at 42:00)

This week, we chat with Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers, an organization that does solid work protecting the aquatic resources we all love. Bob and I talk about the Clean Water Act and the Clean Water Rule–what these laws have done for us in the past, how they are currently managed, and threats to their effectiveness. It’s not as much fun as talking about trout or steelhead, but it’s important stuff to all of us.

In the Fly Box, listeners offered the following tips and questions:

  • What kind of water is best for Euro-nymphing? Can you do it in really slow water for panfish?
  • The booties on my waders are too tight for two pairs of socks. How can I keep my feet warm while winter steelheading?
  • I have some streams in my neighborhood that people say used to hold brook trout. How can I find out if they still live there?
  • A suggestion that keeping the index finger on the top of your rod grip helps with sensitivity.
  • What is the best fly line to use when trying to cast the entire line?
  • Can I Spey-cast for smallmouth bass?
  • My dad really outfished me using a Rapala. I tried all kinds of streamers but no luck. Is there a fly that is as good as a Rapala?
  • When I wade waist-deep, I have trouble with my casting.  What can I do to fix this?
  • How can you reconcile our obsession with drag-free drifts and the effectiveness of a swung wet fly?
  • I have a bunch of old fly lines. How can I tell what they are, and how can I mark them?
  • If you have a local stream that you fish often, how long should you rest it between fishing trips?
  • I am fishing for smallmouth and shoal bass during the day in weedy, rocky water. What’s the best technique to use?
  • A tip from a listener on a great indicator you can make yourself.
  • Can you clarify the confusion behind the term “dropper”?

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Bob Irvin is focused on protecting our rivers.

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