Podcast: Upstream or Down?

This week, we explore the topic of whether you should fish upstream or down—not only what direction you should move, but also which way you present your fly. The podcast will tell you exactly which direction to fish every time you go out by using a simple formula (just kidding; did you really think it would be that easy?)

In the “Fly Box,” we answer questions about setting the hook (again), what length rod to use (again), adding tippets to knotless leaders (again), what to do about minnows sinking your dry flies (aha!  A new one and a fun one, too), and how to improve your roll cast by using a different line. I keep answering those repeated topics because it seems they are universal questions and sometimes a different question or slant on a question may make it more clear to listeners. Have fun!

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49 thoughts on “Podcast: Upstream or Down?”

  1. We love to listen to the podcast…espeically in the car on the way to a family fishing trips…

  2. Great podcast, Tom. On rod length and accuracy I have to disagree. I think the best accuracy results from fishing the most familiar rod length, assuming rods of similar construction, just differing length.. Accuracy contests have been won with ten foot rods, probably because that is the rod length fished the most or fished the most attentively by the winner. Good practice makes perfect.

  3. Love the pod casts. Enjoy them all. Thanks for all tips and review. This newbie really appreciates the reveiw of prior topics.

  4. As always, I enjoyed the podcast. I do have one question for Tom. You mentioned that you keep all of your hackled dry flys in a compartment style fly box. Does that also include parachute style dries and caddis patterns?

  5. I’ve been listening to the podcast for about 6 months now. I’ve tried fishing for everything from drum on the NC coast to trout in the NC mountains with no avail. Until this past weekend… It finally all came together. My practice, a good bit of patience & the knowledge gained from listening to the podcast & reading Tom’s Orvis books. I hooked into 3 beautiful trout just as darkness was settling into the gorge. Caught them all within the last hour of light on the same dry fly. Thanks so much for what you’re doing to introduce newcomers to fly fishing & help them have success.

  6. Great podcast, Tom. I can stop worrying about my dry flies leaning over and focus on good presentation.

  7. Great as usual, Tom! I’m still waiting to hear one on “progressing beyond the intermediate plateau.” 😉

  8. Great cast Tom, I have a smal stream here in Missouri, it has some presure on it because it is close to a camp. I have fished up and down, down just gives better results. Been listening for years.

  9. Podcasts are Great! Perfect for listening to at work, except then I can’t focus on what I’m doing cause I want to go fishing.

  10. Awesome podcast as always. I haven’t heard a bad one yet. I know weekly is hard to do with a busy schedule but it would she be nice.

  11. Tom, great podcast. The information in these podcasts are invaluable for someone learning to fly fish. Thanks.

  12. I like the podcast. They are very educational. Tom does a great job presenting the material. I am brand new to fly fishing, so I find the podcasts and the other info on Orvis.com very helpful. So much so that when I decided to by a new fly outfit, I choose a Clearwater combo, ordered from Orvis.com. Thanks!

  13. Great podcast, have ordered some of the Orvis adjustable boxes for my mayflies/ other large dry flies.

  14. Just love your pod casts. Sometimes I save them on my ipod so I can listen to them on my way up to Grayling Michigan to fish the Au Sable or Manistee, a 2 1/2 hour drive. Just perfect to make the trip go fast while learning how to be a better trout fisherman. Thanks Tom!

  15. Great pod cast this week with real tips for fishing. Have read lots of books that give conflicting advice. This pod cast really helped.

  16. Thank you for the Pod casts, I can tell a huge improvement in my fishing since I started lisening to them last year. I have also developed a brand loyalty with Orvis that I never had before. I find myself choosing Orvis over other brands that boast a slightly lower price because of the “free help” I have already recieved and the enjoyment I get from the blog.

  17. It seems like the comments work again 🙂
    Thanks Tom for your time and patience with us that are starting fly fishing.

    All the best,

    PS. My father is now a happy owner of an Orvis Access Rod & Reel. Very looking forward to go fishing with him and I got the idea from your podcasts. I never thought that he would start a new sport at this point in life! Thanks again.

  18. Just purchased a new 4 wt Access rod and real. Forgot to ue the pod cast code to get $10 off.

    In researching the rod, I contacted Orvis sales and asked about over lining the rod. The sales rep on at Orvis told me not to do it. Over weighting the line would cause undo stress on the rod an shorten its life. This is contrary to what I heard on this pod cast and several others in the past. Seems there is a difference of opinion here.

  19. Great podcast! I’m heading to Idaho soon on my first fishing trip of the year, thanks for all of the tips.

  20. Hi Tom,
    Great job on the podcast.
    I stealth rules!
    Music check out Pete Huttlinger Catch and Release.

  21. Hello Tom,
    Great podcast, as always.
    I have one question. Last year I was fishing in Slovenia in May and we experienced no rain for quite some time. The result was that there were sporadic insect hatches and the water was low and clear.
    Besides using longer leaders, longer thinner tippets and small flies (#20 and smaller) we also got the advice always to wade downstream with these conditions (low clear water). The reason behind this according to the guy in the fly shop is, that with upstream wading you will move/push the fishing only further upstream. You will spook the fish this way according the fly shop guy.
    Can you please have your take on this advice we got from the fly shop guy?

    All the best,
    Lino Catucci
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    1. Lino, this is not the typical case but I have also seen times when moving upstream would push the fish ahead of you. Usually this does not happen, but if the fish are feeding very heavily and they are not terribly afraid of anglers because they see a lot of them, this can happen. In the case of that river, I am sure the guy in the fly shop was right. Always believe local fly shops before you believe some guy ranting on a podcast!

  22. Love the podcasts. My brother and I are in our fifties and though we have been fishing since we were four we just took up fly fishing a year and a half ago. They are a great resource for those of us that are just learning this great sport. We were just fishing the West Branch of the Delaware this past weekend and when things were slow, we would quote Tom. Sometimes reverently but sometimes not too! 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  23. I loved the pod cast. Just moved to Trinidad Co. and would love to learn how to Fly fish and your pod cast are very informative. Thanks again.

  24. Thanks forr sharing your info. I really appreciate
    your efforts and I am waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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