Podcast: Urban Fly-Fishing, with Jen Ripple

This week, I have a delightful interview with the energetic Jen Ripple, publisher of Dun Magazine, who has some exciting news about her magazine. But the podcast is not about magazines; it’s about urban fly fishing, specifically Midwestern urban fly fishing. Jen is well versed on this subject, and I know you’ll enjoy some of her wild stories. Plus you’ll learn a bunch about how to seek out these gems in the middle of heavy industry.

In the Fly Box, we discuss loops on fly lines, whether fly fishing is better than spin fishing, what to do with poorly tied flies from your earlier attempts, how to target big brook trout, how to avoid spooking trout, when it’s OK to reel your line-to-leader connection inside your guides, how to avoid foul-hooking fish—and lots of other tidbits.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Jen Ripple is one of the premier voices for women in fly fishing.
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2 thoughts on “Podcast: Urban Fly-Fishing, with Jen Ripple”

  1. Can we get details on the fishery in Gary, Indiana?! I’m headed that way in May hoping to get a shot at an aggressive carp.

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