Podcast: West Coast Saltwater Fly-Fishing Tips

Did you know that you can catch halibut on a fly rod in the Bay Area? How about striped bass, surf perch, sand sharks, tiger sharks, and jack smelt? Nathan Cooke of Orvis San Jose gives us a great roundup of how to find these fish and how to catch them on a fly rod. He also has some great tips or fly fishing in the surf that will be helpful in any coastal area.

In the Fly Box, we talk about tags ends for droppers, trout with full bellies, taking fish photos when you are in the middle of a river, how to pick a fly for a One Fly event, and a philosophy for a backup fly rod on trips—as well as a podcast listener who has been having dreams of conversations with Joe Humphreys!

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

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