Podcast: Why did I miss that fish? With Dave Jensen

[Interview starts at 44:47]

Swing, hit, and miss–why did you not connect with that fish? Did it just miss your fly? Did you strike too soon? Did you strike too late? Or did the fish refuse your fly even though it looked like a take? Dave Jensen and I discuss how you can (maybe) tell why you didn’t connect . . . and it may not always be your fault.

In the Fly Box, we have some great questions and tips from listeners, including:

  • Why does my 7-foot, 4-weight rod make most things more difficult than my 9-foot, 8-weight rod?
  • Can I use a float tube in a river?
  • I have trouble getting my indicator or dry fly to float when fishing double tungsten nymphs. What can I do?
  • Is there one fly rod  I can use for trout, bass, and panfish?
  • When I’m fishing with unweighted leeches in a lake, the rainbow trout I catch keep getting off before I land them. What can I do?
  • What are your expectations when you go winter fishing?
  • Are traditional featherwing streamers as effective as more “modern” streamers?
  • How close can I get to stripers breaking on the surface?
  • Why do the dumbbell eyes on my Clousers keep breaking?
  • When fishing with an indicator and sight fishing, how can you tell exactly where your fly is drifting?
  • A great suggestion on labeling fly boxes and using reflective  tape to help find lost ones.
  • How do I tell if old fly lines are still good?
  • Are cedar blocks a good alternative to mothballs for fly-tying materials?
  • I need a 10-weight rod for an Alaska trip. Should I get the Clearwater or Recon and will the fly line I use in Alaska be OK for saltwater and pike fishing?
  • I want one rod and one leader to do everything in my trout fishing. What do you recommend?
Photo by Amelia Jensen

8 thoughts on “Podcast: Why did I miss that fish? With Dave Jensen”

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  2. Dave Jensen is too humble to admit it, so let me: this analysis is pure genius! He and Amelia approach the sport like playing 11 dimensional chess while the rest of us are struggling to draw a tic tac toe board. Listening to this podcast made me feel like an ant listening to an Einstein lecture on relativity. One take away that we all should be happy to hear thanks to the Jensen slo-mo video analysis: sometimes its lust the fault of physics!

  3. Awesome Podcast!- good job guys, really enjoyed it! (thanks for the mention of my book and chapter Dave!- you are always an inspiration for the thinking angler and selectivity issues)
    Matthew Supinski

  4. Great, now I have to start sharpening my hooks, haha. I love how Dave only talks about catching big fish on larger tippet, on un-pressured water, etc.,etc.; one should be so lucky, lol. : ) This was a fun listen. Thanks guys.

  5. I’m always looking forward to Dave Jensen’s new release of his podcast, his topic is always interesting.
    Thank you for this blog about him.

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