Podcast: Why Young People Fly Fish, Part 1, with  Austin Boswell

[Interview starts at 37:57]

This week, my guest is Austin Boswell, owner and guide for Eastern Oregon River Outfitters. I wanted to talk to Austin because I’m doing a two-part series on why young people are suddenly getting into fly fishing after many years of it being mostly an older person’s pastime. I got into fly fishing at a young age, but in those days all the fly fishers I knew were older, and today we’re seeing a great influx of young people taking up the sport. Why? I don’t have any answers, so for the next two podcasts I am going to be interviewing two fly fishers under the age of 30 to find out why it is so intriguing to them.  

In the Fly Box, we have some interesting questions and comments, including:

  • I found my fly line wrapped over itself on my reel. How did that happen and how can I prevent it?
  • My normally easy-to-approach brook trout have become really spooky in the low water of summer. Will they be easier once the water levels come back up?  Is my fly line scaring them and what can I do?
  • How long do felt soles last?
  • When did Orvis stop impregnating bamboo rods and why?
  • A great quote on harvesting fish by blogger and author Bill Robichaud
  • Is there a standard for reel foot sizing?  Are the reel feet different in different-sized reels?
  • What taper model are the various Recon models based on?
  • Why do my Chubby Chernobyl flies not float well?
  • Do trout eat woolly bear caterpillars?
  • How do I cast an open loop when using indicators or dry droppers?
  • Why do caddis flies and midges have a pupa stage and mayflies don’t?
  • How do I mix dubbings with different textures in a coffee grinder?

7 thoughts on “Podcast: Why Young People Fly Fish, Part 1, with  Austin Boswell”

  1. Whoa! This 9/23 podcast with Austin Boswell and fly box links to the audio tape of the 9/19 podcast with Dr. Jason Smith and fly box. Seems likes something’s amiss.

    PeterG, Batavia, Illinois

  2. Something is linked wrong. Surprised its not fixed yet. Any chance of getting this show on line? Of course I listened to the other show twice now.

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