Podcasts: Catching Largemouth Bass in Rivers, with Winston Cundiff


When we think of largemouth bass, most of us either have a vision of a small farm pond or a big wide-open lake. But there are many excellent largemouth bass fisheries in rivers. And the advantage for a fly fisher is that these fish never get into a zone where they are tough to target with a fly rod because they are always in shallow water. Texas has a number of great largemouth rivers, and this week I pick the brain of Winston Cundiff of All Water Guides in Austin, Texas. He shares his techniques for catching these fish, the tackle he uses, and the fly patterns he favors. I think fly-rod bass anglers from around the country will get some solid tips on catching largemouths in moving water.

In The Fly Box this week, we explore a number of interesting questions and suggestions:

  • How are fly hooks tempered, and does bending a hook in your tying vise weaken it?
  • Should you approach spooky small-stream trout in still pools from upstream or downstream?
  • How to make a 4X leader into a 7X leader.
  • Why do I keep missing strikes when fishing streamers?
  • WWhat are some tips for catching trout in rivers with high fishing pressure?
  • Can I fish a soft hackle as a dropper behind a dry fly?
  • How can plus-size anglers sneak up on trout?
  • What is a level line?
  • A tip from a listener on how to avoid pricking your finger on the hook when tying flies.

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Winston Cundiff with a beautiful Texas bass.
Photos courtesy Winston Cundiff

3 thoughts on “Podcasts: Catching Largemouth Bass in Rivers, with Winston Cundiff”

  1. I went out and made my own flip flop fly after this episode. Now to show the kid that it will actually catch bass!

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