Pro Tip: How to Tie a Dropper Knot

Here’s another how-to video from Zach Matthews, who previously taught us how to set up a fly reel. This time, he describes a quick, neat method to tie the clinch knot required to attach a dropper line to the bend of a hook. Years ago, I learned a different method from a guide on Utah’s Green River. (See below.) Either way, the ability to make this knot quickly means you’ll get your flies in the water sooner—after re-rigging to change flies or because of a break-off—giving yourself a better chance of catching fish.

For a full discussion of all the various ways to tie and fish tandem rigs, check out my long article “Seeing Double.”

4 thoughts on “Pro Tip: How to Tie a Dropper Knot”

  1. Excellent. Can’t wait to try it. My variation is that I make the loop around my middle finger, twist it up, and pass the tag end through the loop while it’s still on the finger. This keeps the loop open and much easier to pass the tag end. Then I pinch down on the twisted section and pull my finger out of the loop and then drape that loop onto the bend of the hook. This keeps the fly from falling, poking etc. I also keep my finger in the loop for basic clinch knots. Sure beats having to find the typically shrinking hole for passing the tag end. Excellent quality video by the way. Good job all around.

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  3. just put the loop over the bend in the hook and pinch the line like in the video. then grab the hook eye and line and spin the fly 4 full times. insert tag end into loop and pull. faster and you know exactly how many turns for your knot

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