Pro Tip: The Bucket O’ Fun Casting Drill

Written by: Truel Myers

Whether you’re chasing snook in the mangroves or bass under overhanging trees, you sometimes need to cast accurately with the rod at a low angle. A great way to practice at home for this kind of presentation requires nothing more than a cooler and a five-gallon bucket. Set the bucket on the ground and on its side, with the open mouth pointed at you. Climb up on the cooler—or bench, picnic table, etc.—which mimics the boat’s casting deck, and try to cast your fly into the bucket. Practice at various real-world distances to really dial in your accuracy.

I use a baitfish pattern with the hook cut off, with the appropriate leader. This is not easy, but it’s really fun (hence the name). I’m looking forward to introducing this in my Florida Schools, especially the Everglades Schools.

SAFETY FIRST: Please make sure whatever you’re standing on is sturdy and stable. You don’t want to have to cancel or delay your trip because you sprained your ankle (or worse) while practicing.

Truel Myers is the Chief Casting Instructor for Orvis Fly Fishing Schools.

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