Pro Tips: Five Steps to Landing More Fish

Devin Olsen of Tactical Fly Fisher has caught more than his fair share of big trout over the years, as a competition angler, video star, and fanatical angler. In this great video, he walks your through his process for landing big fish on light tippets, and some of his strategies may surprise you. He then puts them to the test, catching some gorgeous trout on 7X tippets. So watch and learn; the next time you lay into the General Sherman of trout on the river, you’ll be ready.

Click here to listen to Devin’s latest podcast with Tom Rosenbauer.

4 thoughts on “Pro Tips: Five Steps to Landing More Fish”

  1. Thank you Devin. You are one of the best instructors I have watched on Youtube. I’ll have to look you up the next time I am in your neck of the woods to do some serious euro nymphing.

    1. Great information. My dad also taught me that if a big fish gets downstream on you to lower the tip of your rod, even placing it underwater, and begin to pull and reel. The fish will use the assistance and swim with you back to a position where you can land it. Used it many times.

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