Pro Tips: George Daniel’s Favorite Winter Fly

Many anglers know George Daniel as the author of Dynamic Nymphing and a big promoter of tightline-nymphing techniques. But if you ask him what his most effective winter-time fly pattern is, you may be surprised by his answer. Instead of choosing a Frenchie Nymph or a Perdigon. Nope, it’s the incredible, edible egg. Here, George explains why he likes to use egg patterns from December through March and shows off his favorite egg-pattern material: Eggstasy.

George Daniel operates Livin On The Fly, a guide service in State College, Pennsylvania. He is also an Orvis ambassador and the author of Strip-Set: Fly-Fishing Techniques, Tactics, & Patterns for Streamers, as well as Dynamic Nymphing

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  1. Would you be able to send me the list of materials and tying instructions? It would be greatly appreciated.

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