Pro Tips: Getting Pumped Up for Fall Fly Fishing

Big browns feed voraciously in preparation for the lean months ahead and will hammer a well-presented streamer.
Photo by Scott Feltrinelli

One of the problems with a blog is that we publish so frequently that some great content ends up buried. I hope all of you are using both the search box in the upper right and the tags on each post to find the archived posts that you really want or need at any given time. Since fall is here, I figured I’d point you to some of my favorite posts that will help you score in the late season:

  1. Pro Tips: 10 Tips for Fall Streamer Fishing
  2. Tom Rosenbauer’s Secrets of Fall Trout Fly Fishing
  3. Go Big and Small in Fall for Brown Trout
  4. Tandem Streamer Rigs for Fall Brown Trout
  5. Podcast: Tom Rosenbauer’s Fall Fly-Fishing Secrets

There’s a ton of good advice and information about everything from monster streamers to tiny dry flies to how to rig for each.

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