Video Pro Tips: How to Approach a Trout Stream

One of the more common errors that fly-fishing guides see is that anglers tend to rush into a stream and start fishing without first taking a minute to assess the situation. This is especially distressing when fish are holding close to the bank. How often have you stepped into a river only to see a trout squirting off for safety? In this short video, our own Tom Rosenbauer offers some great advice about how you should approach any trout stream. The first step is always the same: stop and observe.

6 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Approach a Trout Stream”

  1. I think this applies to bass fishing also. In bass fishing, look for structure and points. Also look for vegetation where bass may hide.

  2. I have seen too many anglers, not just walk right into the river but also not start with the closest spot that could hold trout. I many times dap (aka Tekara style fish) entry point before entering.

    Watch 2 anglers walk out to the middle of the creek, so they could cast to the other side and they walk right past an 18 to 24 inch trout that was actively feeding on the side they entered.

  3. Great advice from one of the, if not the, most genuinely nice people I’ve ever met in the industry.

  4. When a guy has his own name on his hat I’m going to listen. Enjoy his videos. Reading his book is on my todo list.

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