Pro Tips: The 4 Most Import Knots for Fly Fishing

Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides is back with another helpful video, especially relevant to warmwater and saltwater anglers. Here, he shows you how to tie what he considers the most useful knots for anglers. One of the great things about this sport is that there are so many ways to skin the cat. You might choose a different knot for each of these applications, but that doesn’t make either of you wrong. At the end of this video, however, Alvin makes a point about knot-tying that is irrefutable: no matter which knots you choose, a well-tied knot will always outperform one that isn’t quite seated right.

3 thoughts on “Pro Tips: The 4 Most Import Knots for Fly Fishing”

  1. Really enjoy your Guide Fly style presentations.
    However, the blood knot and the clinch Knot rely on being perfectly tie on the exactly right sized line or hook.
    The Uni knot or the double Uni ( for line to line) work equally well in strength and tying ease. In a pinch the Double Uni and the Single Uni are more reliable when afflicted with fumble fingers. One small advantage of the single Uni is that it can substitute for a loop knot on terminal tackle which tightens down to the hook eye when a fish is on.
    The perfection Loop is just that. By all standards of knot tying it nearly the ideal loop knot. In monofilament it is equals the bowie knot in ropes.

  2. Alvin,
    Very informative, and most useful information. Clear, concise, and easy to see every step. From your name and backdrop, must be from the Golden Triangle. Definitely brings me home.

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