Video Pro Tips: Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Fly Fishing

Written by: Evan Jones

While this video series is ostensibly for beginners, Chris Niccolls of Bow River Troutfitters covers a wide variety of topics in this episode, many of which would benefit anglers of any skill level. His opening advice on how to approach the water–including waiting to rig up until you’ve assessed conditions, and then making a few casts close to shore before wading out–is particularly noteworthy, since it applies so universally to freshwater fisheries of all types. Next up are a few routine tips on line management, followed by more widely-applicable advice on keeping hooks sharp and avoiding excessive false casting. As Chris mentions toward the end, avoiding bad habits now can save you the effort of having to break them later on, and will improve your catch rate in the meantime. 

Niccolls explains why you shouldn’t rush right into the water.

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