Pro Tips: Top 5 Trout Flies for October (Purple edition)

When it comes to fall colors, guide Tanner Smith–of Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, Colorado–really likes purple. Purple flies, that is. Here, he teams up with Colorado Rockies All-Star center-fielder Charlie Blackmon to discuss their “Five Favorite Flies for Rocktober.” This is one collection that the late Prince Rogers Nelson would approve of.

1. Purple Tungsten Salvation

2. Tungsten Bruised BWO

3. Purple San Juan Worm

4. Purple Kreelex

5. Purple Prince Nymph

One thought on “Pro Tips: Top 5 Trout Flies for October (Purple edition)”

  1. This is all well and good if you live out west. I would say there are as many fly fishers on the east coast from Maine through Key West.
    When are you going to acknowledge that fact and have as many articles/videos/pod casts for us. We fish as much in the winter as the boys out West.
    80% of my rods, reels and gear have Orvis on the labels.


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