Recovery from a Terrible Accident Leads to a Career in Fly Fishing for Iraq Veteran

Virginian Josh Williams has built a new life around fly fishing.
Photo courtesy Josh Williams

We have posted before about Josh Williams, a military veteran who lost his right arm in a motorcycle accident soon after his return from Iraq. (See the previous post here.) He took up fly tying, and got so good at it that Orvis sells his Josh’s White Lightning and Josh’s Wiggle Hellgrammite.

Josh was recently profiled in The Roanoke Times, and it turns out that he has launched a business, Dead-Drift Flies, which combines fly tying, guiding, and even some apparel. He’s now guiding wading trips on small creeks, as well as raft trips on the New and James Rivers. It’s amazing that what started as a form of therapy has become a way of life and a career for Josh.

Read The Roanoke Times profile here.

Check out Josh’s website here.

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