Relief Fund Aims to Help Guides Affected by Yellowstone Floods

On June 13, 2022, devastating floods struck the northern Greater Yellowstone Region, as raging rivers destroyed roads and bridges both in Yellowstone National Park and in towns such as Gardiner, Emigrant, Livingston, and Red Lodge–all familiar to anglers who love Southwest Montana. A USGS gauge at Corwin Springs, just north of Gardiner, measured the Yellowstone River flowing at 51,400 cubic feet per second–almost 20,000 CFS more than the previous record set in 1996. The historic bridge at Carbella, nine miles north, was washed away, cutting off everyone in the Tom Miner Basin, including Orvis-endorsed Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge.

Some of the terrible damage in Red Lodge.
Photo by Jeff Smith, of Red Lodge Mountain

Anyone who loves fly fishing knows that Paradise Valley and the Greater Yellowstone are Mecca for anglers from around the world, providing business for many guides and lodges. The massive flooding has led to the closure of the northern part of Yellowstone National Park, has destroyed roads and waterways, and has adversely impacted the ability of guides in the area to make a living during their busiest time of year.

The Yellowstone in Paradise Valley, as seen from Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge. What a difference.

The Guide Relief Program was created in Paradise Valley to help fishing guides in crisis, and they’ve begun collecting funds specifically to support guides in need in Park and Carbon counties. The funds from this effort will only go to those guides who have been impacted by the recent flooding.

Click here to make a donation or to apply for Montana Flood Relief for guides.

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  1. Thank you, Phil and Orvis, for sharing this information. We’re so glad we’re in place to help our guide community in the area and look forward to engaging guides around the nation.

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