F5 Prelude: A “Classic” Friday Film Festival

Small stream fly fishing from rummutt on Vimeo.

Editor’s Note: With all the hullabaloo up here in O-town this week, I’m running a bit behind on the F5. But I didn’t want to leave those lunchtime watchers hanging, so here’s a short classic Friday Film festival to Tide you over. There will be a new F5 later this afternoon.

Our first film comes from Romania and features some great footage of small-stream fishing. The trout themselves are spectacular—not large, but with amazing red spots, even on their fins.

Northern Inspirations Steelhead Fishing from Morgan Dabbs on Vimeo.

Next up is an examination of what makes steelhead fishing in Northern California so special. It’s kind of funny to hear the narrator discuss the “cold” weather conditions, but we’ll let that slide.

Trout-Rising from trond willis on Vimeo.

This is kind of a fly-fishing film noir—very dark and mysterious—from Sweden. Its artsy nature does nothing to dampen the thrill of seeing huge brown trout take flies off the surface.

Finally, this is a fun one in which a first-time fly fisherman catches a bonefish in Mexico. The kibitzing of his buddy behind the camera and the help of the guide make it all possible.

Friday Film Festival at Orvisnews.com Featuring the Best Fly Fishing Footage Available

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