Rod Review: The New Orvis Recon

Photo courtesy Trouts Fly Fishing

There’s nothing better than a little unsolicited love. The folks at Trouts Fly Fishing, one of Denver’s most respected shops, recently posted a “Product Spotlight” article on the new Orvis Recon fly rods. And they like what they see:

I’ve cast many of these newer mid-priced rods lately from all the major manufacturers and have for the most part been pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t until I spent time casting the 4wt and 9wt Recon this morning that I was really surprised.

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7 thoughts on “Rod Review: The New Orvis Recon”

  1. Will the new Recon work well with standard weight lines: for example, a standard weight 5 rather than a heavier line like the GPX or Orvis Power Taper?

  2. So, should I buy a Helios 2 because I have the money or a Recon because I’m frugal?? Mixed messages here – sorry

    1. the helios 2 is going to be a faster rod, and will also be lighter. If your an exceptional caster youll get more out of the H2. if your an average caster i doubt youll notice a difference. the H2 will alos give you something to grow into.

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