Tom Rosenbauer’s Tips for Fly-Fishing Steelhead East and West

Steelhead odyssey 2
Ted Morris is all smiles as he shows off his first steelhead, taken from Idaho’s Little Salmon. Read the story here.

photo by Eric Strader

Steelhead are one of the most glamorous and frustrating fish you can catch with a fly rod. They are similar in behavior and fighting ability to Atlantic salmon, but whereas our fly fishing traditions for Atlantic salmon came from a more aristocratic background, fly fishing for steelhead evolved via a more populist tradition. Where can you fish for steelhead? What techniques work best? Are the fish from the Great Lakes a true steelhead or just a big rainbow trout, and how do fishing techniques for them differ? And how many steelhead can you expect to catch in a day’s fishing? (in my experience, you should expect to catch zero and be pleasantly surprised).

Listen to this week’s podcast and get some tips on steelhead fishing, and then visit our podcast forum to add your thoughts or suggest future steelhead podcast topics, as this is not the last of our steelhead podcasts for this season.

For further tips, check out Jim Lampros’ top ten flies for steelheading here.

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