Photo: Katie’s Big Black Drum

Written by: Katie Rouse, Rouse Fly Fishing

One day after her 13.1, Katie landed this 30+.
Photo by Jamie Rouse

I headed to Louisiana to run in the NOLA half marathon last Sunday, and the next day, Jamie and I went out with fellow Orvis guide, Lucas Bissett, of Low Tide Charters. I landed this 30-pound black-drum beauty on a 9-weight Helios 2. It was an amazing fight, and for a moment, I thought the fish was going to win. What a blast! Jamie landed a nice redfish, and then I hooked a good one and almost got it to the boat. All in all, it was a perfect day on the water.

Katie Rouse owns and operates Rouse Fly Fishing—in Heber Springs, Arkansas—along with her guide husband, Jamie.

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