Short Casts 09.26.13

See several more macro trout images by George Novak on Derek Grzelewski’s blog.
Photo by George Novak

[Editor’s Note: “First Casts” is a regular feature that highlights great fly-fishing content from around the Web—from how-to articles, to photo essays, to interesting reads.]

    • Last week’s big news about Anglo American withdrawing from the Pebble Partnership,has left a lot of questions in its wake. On Midcurrent, Beau Beasley’s excellent round-up explains where this latest development leaves us in teh fight to stop the mine.
    • If you often find yourself outsmarted by wily trout, Kent Klewein offers some excellent advice on Gink & Gasoline. His post “6 Easy Tips to Help Fly Anglers Catch Educated Trout” will give you the leg up on these fish the next time.
    • Courtesy of Derek Grzelewski’s blog, check out these amazing macro images of developing rainbow trout, from egg to 52 days, by photographer George Novak. The images are from a story in New Zealand Geographic.
    • Robert Krumm writes in The Billings Gazette about Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation Tournament, an event sponsored by Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation, whose mission is to get youths involved in fishing and active in mentoring activities.
    • West Virginia University has produced a 5-minute documentary that tells the story of the Shavers Fork, from industrial development to current scientific advances, such as drone technology, that are being used to preserve the brook trout habitat.

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