Photos: Fishing the Salt River with the Grumpy Muppet

Written by: Tyler Coleman

My GoPro caught the Grumpy Muppet in action.
Photos by Tyler Coleman

While looking through streamers on the Orvis iPhone App, I came a crossed a streamer called the Grumpy Muppet. The name alone was enough to get me to stop and read about it, but as I did, I thought about how this articulated streamer looked like it would really swim. When the flies arrived, I couldn’t wait to get out and try them, but the main place I wanted to fish is closed for the season.

Clear sky on our way in for a day on the Salt.

I talked to a friend and he thought the largemouth bass might be interested in the green one, so I headed out to the Salt River to see if he was right. Immediately, I was impressed with the swimming action or this fly, and with pre-spawn feeding going on, I was able to get it in front of some very hungry bass.

I used to the Grumpy Muppet from a higher elevation to sight-fish big holes in between the rocks.

A mouthful of Muppet.

Sebastian meets his first bucket mouth.

Watching this bass chomp the fly was a rush.

Fish on!

Of course you can’t go to the Salt River without fishing for suckers. These native fish are tricky, but once you get them to eat, they run for the hills. The desert suckers and Sonora suckers in this river will really put your presentation to the test, and the fight they put up is a very worthy reward.

My wife is a sucker for the Sonoras. After losing a few, she couldn’t have been happier to land her first one.

I got in on the action, as well.

Let em’ go so they can grow.

Such a great view of the Salt River and surrounding desert.

It was a fun day of catching bass, and the tug of a larger one that was able to get away has me counting down the days till we get back over there. I think it is safe to say that the Muppet will have the bass feasting, but I also can’t wait to get up to the creeks in search of some large wild brown trout.

Tyler Coleman lives in Arizona. Check him out on Instagram: @thecolemancollection

2 thoughts on “Photos: Fishing the Salt River with the Grumpy Muppet”

  1. Please, please, please Mr Coleman put some eye protection on your kid. This is the second post I’ve seen where he’s got nothing on. Please do this…those metal shanks are whizzing around his head at 80 mph. I’m losing my eyesight due to stupid mistakes from my past, that’s why I’m commenting.

    1. Tony I appreciate your concern. He does wear sunglasses actually and is no where near me casting for many reasons. It’s hard to tell from a quick photo but we actually keep the fish in a net in the water so it stays wet until my wife comes to take the picture. For the photo with my son she brought him over after the fish had been successful landed in the net. We are very careful with our kids. Thank you for your concern.

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