Photos of the Day: South Boise Salmonfly Surprise

Written by: Evan Williams

All day in the boat produced no fish, but here’s a campside first rainbow.
Photos by Evan Williams

Last month, I took my nephew to the South Fork of the Boise for the salmonfly hatch. While we were there, we saw a lot of bugs on the water, but the rainbows were being picky, to say the least. I have had some wiser anglers say that persistence is the key for the salmonfly hatch on this stretch of river, but we were getting a little discouraged during our day on the boat, since we were completely skunked.

Once you find fish eating salmonflies, it’s game on.

While making dinner at camp, we decided to make a few casts. It turns out that we picked a great place to rest our heads, as every fish we caught was landed 20 feet from where we slept. I guess sometimes you don’t have to go very far to find the fish you are looking for.

Nothing like catching trout on huge dry flies.

Salmonfly shucks littered the shore where we camped.

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