Steelhead Dreams

It’s hard to believe summer’s flown by so fast, but the cooling temps have a number of us at Orvis already thinking about fall steelhead fishing. While daydreaming about the gear I’d love to acquire before my first steelhead foray this year (like the 11′ 7 wt switch rod that’s on my wish list), I stumbled upon a couple of articles on the BloodKnot.

Here’s one from Camille Egdorf-

“For years I listened to friends talk about British Columbia and the steelhead gracing the rivers there. I drooled over pictures, was entranced by stories, and dreamed of one day being able to partake in a B.C. steelhead adventure of my own. This October, my dream finally became a reality.

With road maps, road food (chips and Twizzlers), and uncontrollable giddiness, my dad and I blazed our way to Canada. We’d been planning this trip for nearly a year and had picked the brains of every steelheader we met to make sure we had all the right gear and knew exactly where to go. Even with all this preparation, we still managed to drive 100 miles in the wrong direction, lose keys, and miss several turns. Oops! Like I said, it was an adventure.”

The rest of Camille’s post about her first trip to British Columbia for steelhead with her dad can be found on the magazine’s site under ‘Gracing British Columbia’. Check out Camille’s blog, Rip Lps, for more of her fly fishing adventures.

Fishing in the rain

This one’s by Mia Sheppherd, co-owner of Little Creek Outfitters-

Reckless, so I’ve been told.

In my youth, I found myself searching for ways to escape the dull, everyday routine of a boring 9 to 5 job or attending community college—looking for something better than what I had. Eventually, I found my soul in a beat up 1976 Chevrolet Nova. We drove over snow-covered passes in the Sierra Mountains and we eventually parted ways due to a blown transmission. I spent hours and days on the snow, curving through open meadows of light, fluffy powder and charging down narrow chutes, with no room for error. Then, I found steelhead.

Read the rest of her article ‘Steelhead: A Moment of Freedom’ or check out Mia’s blog site ‘Metalheads‘.

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