Photos: Summer School With Phil Monahan

Victory! Hardly a monster, but they are beautiful.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Yesterday, I had the privilege of accompanying Phil Monahan to a rural Vermont stream in pursuit of native brook trout. An expensive fishing getaway? More like lunch break at The Orvis Company.

As a social media intern here at Orvis, I’m working closely with Orvis News, which means Phil is kind of my boss. During our one-hour break, we fished several small pools on the stream, which is just over the hill from Orvis HQ.  The stream produced three stunning brookies, and our tally would have been much higher had Phil fished for more than five minutes. Instead, Phil took the time to enlighten his understudy on the art of small-stream fly fishing.

Check out the spots on this one that Phil caught.
Photo by Phil Monahan

While certainly not new to the sport, my prior experience with fly fishing involved almost exclusively stillwater casting for bass and trout from a canoe. So the compressed casting windows, swift water and rocky footing on the mountain stream provided some early obstacles. But after less than an hour of Phil’s tutelage, I straightened my back cast, decreased my fly’s drag, and finally landed a nice little native. What a way to my spend lunch break!

It’s all pocketwater fishing, something I’m not accustomed to.
Photo by Phil Monahan

I am now in the fourth week of my Orvis summer internship, and the company’s breadth of knowledge continues to amaze me. From social-media strategy to web analytics, the available erudition is certainly not limited to fly fishing.  Every day has been a new educational experience. The most exciting, however, was this little lunch time trip. There are not many employers that provide an opportunity to catch brook trout during lunch, and certainly not in the presence of a renowned expert.  I learned more about stream fishing in that one hour than I could have imagined.  With an Orvis rod in hand and Phil next to me, class was in session.

It took an hour, but I finally fooled one.
Photo by Phil Monahan

For detailed instruction on stream fishing technique, check out Tom Rosenbauer’s video “Basics Of Stream Fishing.”

5 thoughts on “Photos: Summer School With Phil Monahan”

  1. Nothing is better then little native Brookies on a fly! (well, maybe big native ones!) The colors are so amazing and the backdrop you catch them in is equally impressive.

  2. Just wondering, you said you used an Orvis rod – which one in particular? Was it by chance the Orvis 3000?

    1. Actually, it was an old Trident TLS 7’11 4-weight, which is one of my favorite small-stream rods.

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