Photo of the day: Sunset Rainbows in Utah

Written by: Dave Danley, Falcon’s Ledge

Not much time for photos when the fish are biting and the sun is setting.
Photo by Dave Danley

I had about 30 minutes to kill after work on Tuesday, so I fished one of the lakes near a Falcon’s Ledge. It was drizzling and the fish were sipping midge emergers, so I tied on a size 18 Zebra Midge below a dry fly. The sipping rainbows took the Zebra Midge readily, and I caught a few beautifully spotted rainbows, which jumped and cartwheeled and put up a great fight. The sun quickly set, so I packed up and headed for home. I can’t wait to get out again this weekend.

Dave Danley is operations manager at Falcon’s Ledge in Altamont, Utah, and a former Trout Bum of the Week.

The last half hour before sunset was magic on this Utah lake.
Photo by Dave Danley

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