Superfine Glass Rods and Made-in-the-USA CFO Reels Now Available Online!

The wait is over. The new rods that represent Orvis’s return to fiberglass are now available at Cameron Mortenson, who runs The Fiberglass Manifesto,” had this to say about these new sticks:

Shawn Combs, and the product designers at Orvis, have put a lot of time and effort into the fly rods of the Superfine Glass series and I am beyond impressed with the final product. It’s no wonder that these fly rods won the Fly Fisherman Magazine 2014 Best Gear Award.

There are three models in the Superfine Glass line: a 7-foot 3-weight; a 7-foot, 6-inch 4-weight; and an 8-foot 5-weight. All feature a full-flex action and come in a very cool tube.

Click here to check out the Superfine Glass rods.

Also just up on are the new CFO Reels, which are proudly made in USA. Tom Rosenbauer argues that these spring-and-pawl reels are the best-ever iteration of the CFO. The fit and finish on the reels is flawless, they have a polished wooden handle, and the sound—the new reels sing better than a CFO ever did.

Click here to check out the new CFO Reels.

4 thoughts on “Superfine Glass Rods and Made-in-the-USA CFO Reels Now Available Online!”

  1. The CFO reel was a gold mine for years for Orvis when it was made in England. They they went to China and the value drastically dropped out in the open market. Now I am seeing these reels being made in the USA. What was the reason for taking these reels out of China, low sales or are they still made in China but have a USA stamp on it.


  2. That’s funny, I can’t wait to get my hands on one, but I have to wait to get my hands on one – I keep spending my disposable income on my family. That’s alright, there’s a birthday and father’s day coming up…

  3. Uplocking reel seats?


    Small, light rods need nothing more than a footed butt cap and sliding ring over unmortised cork.


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