Sweepstakes II: Win a $500 Orvis Gift Card and Load Up on Fly-Fishing Gear!

A month ago, we gave away a Helios 2 fly rod to one lucky winner, Andy Wilson. That giveaway generated enough excitement that we decided to do another one.

But not every angler needs a new rod. Perhaps you’re in the market for a whole outfit, or a big-game reel, or perhaps you’d like to go on a shopping spree and buy a buttload of accessories. So this time, we’re giving away a $500 gift card that you can use for anything at Orvis—from $1.50 flies to top-of-the-line Silver Sonic Guide Waders to a Mirage Reel capable of stopping a speeding tuna.

Here’s how the contest works: All you have to do is use the widget below to tell us what your favorite fly rod weight is, and you’ll be entered in the random drawing. One lucky winner can spend $500 however he or she wishes, at a retail store or online.

You can double your chances of winning by subscribing to the Orvis Mailing list, too, using the same widget.

The contest runs through July 11, and one winner will be chosen at random to receive a $500 Orvis gift card.


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77 thoughts on “Sweepstakes II: Win a $500 Orvis Gift Card and Load Up on Fly-Fishing Gear!”

  1. Definitely a 5 weight. I’ve just started learning how to fly fish this past yr and found that it’s easy to learn on.

  2. I’ve only been flyfishing for a short time. I use an Orvis Encounter 8′ 6″, 5 weight. It has been so much fun and I can’t wait to get out on the water this weekend.

  3. 5wt normally, but I have to say I tried a 3wt the other day and it was fun! I need a gift card to fund my fly fishing addiction. It seems a 3 at would be a good rod to teach kids with ….Anyone agree? Thanks!

    1. I can see pros and cons about teaching kids with a 3wt. Depending on how old/big your kids are the shorter length and lighter weight of a 3wt could be beneficial but keep in mind a 3wt won’t be able to handle the same kind of abuse that a 5wt can.

  4. 8wt for Atlantic Salmon. My trout rods are all Orvis but my 8wt is a G.Loomis. Give me the gift card and I’ll replace it with a Helios 2 😉

  5. 5wt! I started flyfishing this year, tried several rods, but found that I like the 5wt best. I purchased an Orvis Clearwater outft and absolutely love it. Having said that, a girl just can’t possibly have enough gear…..

  6. I’m a BIG 4 wt guy. I’ve used my clearwater religiously in small new england streams for years now and its taken some beating. Thank you for everything, Orvis!

  7. My 3 wt. – no wait, my 5 wt…no wait – my 7 wt. It’s like saying, which one is your favorite child. Depends on the fish I’m hoping to hold…

  8. Disappointed in the lack of 3wt love here! I also beg to differ because I’m not sure I know a flyfisherman who doesn’t think they “need” a new rod!

  9. I prefer a 6wt, 9 foot rod. Currently using a Winston Boron II rod which I really like–a gift from my family upon retirement.

  10. I have just purchases a Clearwater SW 9 weight & love it, I am new to fly fishing & Orvis was highly recommended. After doing a little research Orvis was the only choice.

  11. I love a 6wt. It is small enough to feel the fish, but large enough to handle quickly that occasional large one that
    deserves respect by landing it quickly.

  12. 4 weight for the lake and a 8 weight for the river, could really use a 500$ gift card to load up on lots of cool Orvis gear

  13. 7 weight for still water fishing from bank.
    5 for mid size water dry
    3 for small stream (my fav)

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