Tackle Tune-Up: Reels

Over the course of a long season, your reel can pick up some dirt and grit, which can hinder its performance. Orvis Grand Rapids Fishing Manager Trent Jackson and associate Paige Downing share some helpful tips for doing a quick check and then cleaning the inside of your reel, so it spins smoothly when a big fish starts peeling off line.

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2 thoughts on “Tackle Tune-Up: Reels”

  1. Awesome demonstration, thanks! I do most of my fishing at sea, so I don’t see as much dirt and grit as others may see fishing on land, but this is still super useful for general cleaning anyways – especially with salt and sand build-up. What do you think, will a reel last just about forever if you take proper care of it? I imagine they would as long as the construction material is up to par with your fishing environment and you do a relatively good job with cleaning and maintenance. Do you recommend any specific type or size of line to reduce salt build-up? I’m sure there’s a significant amount of people who fly fish down in the Caribbean and elsewhere that have to deal with the brutal wear-and-tear of the saltwater and humidity. Any tips would be appreciated. Keep up the informative content!

    – Hashtagboatlife.com –

    1. I fish here in Puget Sound for season coastal cutthroat trout. Marine conditions can be brutal on gear so I always rinse off my reel, flies, and rod with water and a small amount of Salt Away┬«. Reel seats, uplocking screws, guides are all sites for contamination. Water alone won’t neutralize the corrosive effects of saltwater so be diligent and use a marine salt removal product.

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