Take a NEW Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 02.27.20

Welcome to another edition of our weekly trivia challenge, in which we test your knowledge of all things fly fishing and where you might learn a thing or two about this sport we love. This week, we’ve got ten new questions about fly-fishing quotes, river tributaries, fish anatomy, famous flies, and more.

The last quiz was another one that was tough to master, and there was just one perfect score. Hats off to Roger, who commented, “That world record question was a doozy!” (He must have guessed correctly that Marty Arostegui has caught more than 400 world-record fish.) The most common score jumped up one spot to 60%.

The winner of this week’s random drawing will receive a two-pack of Orvis Mirage Trout Leaders in the size of their choice. Pure fluorocarbon Mirage has the highest abrasion resistance of any leader or tippet, and is virtually invisible to fish. Mirage fluoro leaders should be your go-to for spring creeks, still water, large streamers, or fishing nymphs in clear water.

The winner of our last quiz (as determined by random.org)–who will also receive a pack of Mirage leaders–is John S., whose 80% score means that he’s “finally turned a corner!”

So post your score below (or below the post on our Facebook page!) for a chance to win a great video.

Good luck!

114 thoughts on “Take a NEW Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 02.27.20”

  1. 70%. And heck yes, I guessed on that world record question from the previous quiz. Racked my brain for a good 10 minutes on that one!

  2. 90%: Yo Phil: According to IGFA: “A Tie for the All-Tackle Length Record for Rainbow Trout
    The IGFA All-Tackle Length record for rainbow trout was bested by 7-centimeters after Mark Armistead landed this 84-centimeter rainbow while fishing the Tekapo Canal in New Zealand. The record was then tied later in the year by angler Angelo di Bartolo at the same 84-centimeter mark and was also caught in the same canal system. Congratulations to both of these anglers who caught and released impressive fish and currently share the record!”

  3. 30% not happy at all… Ah well, at least I learned that a fishes nostril is called a nare, not that I’ll ever need to know that.

  4. 80% Good challenges this week. Thank you for hard work and research to make this fun event happen each week. I look forward to.

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