Take an All New Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 05.30.19

Welcome to an all-new edition of our weekly trivia challenge, in which we test your knowledge of all things fly fishing and where you might learn a thing or two about this sport we love. This week, I’m serving up ten questions that run the gamut from famous female fly-fishing guides to saltwater world records.

The performance on the last quiz was a serious fall from grace. We went from thirty-one perfect scores the week before to just one. Serious props to JimJ. There was also just one 90-percenter (Peter D), and the most common score plummeted to 60%.

The winner of this week’s random drawing will receive a special code to watchBig Land, from Tight Loops, for free on vimeo on demand. In an effort to better understand America’s first sport fish, and the eastern seaboard’s only native trout, filmmakers Chase and Aimee Bartee lead a canoe expedition into North America’s last great and unexplored frontier, Labrador. Driven by a rumor of an untouched and forgotten brook trout nirvana, they journey into the unknown.

The winner of our last quiz, who will receive a special code to watchBig Land, is robg, who described his score as “glass half full.”

So post your score below (or below the post on our Facebook page!) for a chance to win a great book.

Good luck!

109 thoughts on “Take an All New Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 05.30.19”

    1. Whoops, first post didn’t show up at first, now I’m double posted, please delete/disregard this answer.

  1. 90% – Best ever! Three lucky guesses; one more would have been perfection. I knew it wasn’t April or Hilary but didn’t know Rachel or Lori-Ann.

  2. I suck!
    Then again, we all could write a specific quiz like this that no one else would do well on…


  3. Had to guess a lot and should have gone with first thoughts! Would have scored 60% instead of an embarrassing 30%!

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