Take an All-New Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 01.19.17

Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly trivia challenge, in which we test your knowledge of all things fly fishing and where you might learn a thing or two about this sport we love. We are back to our Thursday schedule, and this week, we serve up ten new questions about flies, rivers, and drift-boat history.

O noes! On our last quiz, ain’t nobody achieved a perfect score. That hasn’t happened in a while. There were, however, six folks who missed just a single question: Ben, Peter D, Eric Goodlett, Mark Pfetzer, shawn, and Eric J. The hardest question was about where the Chernobyl Ant was invented (Utah), which only 1/3 of you knew.

The winner of this week’s random drawing will again receive a free download of the excellent new video “Modern Nymphing: European Inspired Techniques,” featuring Devin Olsen and Lance Egan.

The winner of our last quiz (as determined by random.org), and recipient of this great video was Jared H, who who wrote that his 80% was “one of my best!”

So post your score below for a chance to win a video that will help you become a better nymph fisherman.

Good luck!

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138 thoughts on “Take an All-New Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 01.19.17”

  1. 100% but I had to rethink “native to” North Dakota… and I remembered, none! There were no known trout species there at the time.

  2. 40 %. I knew the answers to 3, 5 and 8 and guessed correct on number 1.

    Here is my simple friday quiz. You either go 100 % or null…

    1. What famous fly fisherman was introduced to nymph fishing in Bosnia in 1897?
    – Tom Rosenbauers grandfather
    – Eddy Cartoughha
    – G.E.M Skues
    – None of the above

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