Take an All New Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 07.07.16

Welcome to another edition of our sorta-kinda-weekly trivia challenge, in which we test your knowledge of all things fly fishing and where you might learn a thing or two about this sport we love. This week, we offer 10 brand-new questions about famous waters, book titles, trout patterns, and more.

On the last quiz, there were zero perfect scores, so let’s celebrate the four of you who scored 90%: Michael J, Nick B, Sean, and the ever-present Stephen Fitch. The most common score held steady at 50%.

The randomly chosen winner of this week’s quiz will receive his or her choice of an Orvis Fly Selection, featuring patterns chosen by Orvis-endorsed professional guides.

The winner of our last quiz (as determined by random.org) was Bob Teeden, who described his score as “a 50% tumble from last week.”

So post your score below for a chance at this awesome prize.

Good luck!

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102 thoughts on “Take an All New Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 07.07.16”

  1. 30%, equally embarrassing to last week’s “f that.” but I did catch a nice trout today so there’s that.

  2. 50% but question 4 asks pick the state that rainbows aren’t native to it said the only one out of the 3 was utah(Montana and Nevada were the others). Rainbows aren’t native to Montana either, I’m surprised no one else caught this, so I’m guessing there aren’t gonna be any perfect scores this week.

      1. Thanks Phil I had no idea as Montana fwp has always put rainbows on the nonnative list, I shoulda known that if there were any rivers they were native too it’d be in that far northwestern part of the state

  3. 60%! If you ever see me post 100% it will just be another of my fish stories!

  4. 60%. In other news I’ll be spending the next 9 days in YNP. That’ll help me feel better from a crummy score.

  5. 60%. I thought there were only five species of Pacific salmon (because that’s all we have here in the Pacific Northwest), but looked it up after the quiz and discovered Masu salmon that live on the other side of the ocean. Interesting!

  6. 40. But it’s all good. I’m fishing in northern New Mexico right now. My wife caught her first rainbow on a fly rod using a Lighteni g Bug that I had tied!

  7. They say I scored 50% but I think I got 60. Pretty sure there are 5 speicies of Pacific Salmon, not 6. WWF agrees with me.

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