Ted Baker Founder Ray Kelvin Visits Orvis

Orvis Rod & Tackle Product Developer Shawn Combs and Ted Baker Founder/CEO Ray Kelvin
Photo by Laurie Kunz

It has been an honor to host Ray Kelvin, Founder and CEO of British clothing retail company Ted Baker, here at Orvis HQ this week. Kelvin has been an avid fly fisherman since he was 20 years old. In a 2012 Telegraph interview, he explained:

There’s nothing like it. It’s better than a —. There’s the technical thing of matching the hatch and tricking the fish into taking a fly. I can fish all day long. I’ll get there at seven in the morning and the next thing I know it’s four in the afternoon and I’m thinking, ‘Where has the day gone?’

Kelvin has always avoided being photographed in full profile (his face is obscured or half-hidden). A Google Image Search gives you the idea of how clever he gets with it. As the above photo illustrates, he was able to stay true to this tradition while out fishing with Orvis’s Shawn Combs and Tom Rosenbauer.

2 thoughts on “Ted Baker Founder Ray Kelvin Visits Orvis”

  1. Did Shawn just feel the need to hold the tail in this shot? What’s the real story here?
    I hate to assume..

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