The Orvis App is Back, Plus a Ridiculous Offer

The Orvis Fly Fishing App is back in the iTunes store! The app has been improved, and is now compatible with the new iOS6. For those of you who have the app, you can now upgrade, at no cost. If you don’t already have it downloaded, it is now available on iTunes for the limited-time price of $0.99.

As the folks from Ronco used to say, “But wait! There’s More!”: Spend a buck on the App and get a $10 Orvis Gift Card for your troubles. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Click here to download the Orvis Fly Fishing App.

10 thoughts on “The Orvis App is Back, Plus a Ridiculous Offer”

    1. Hi Ron. We had some difficulties with the app and had to pull it from the app store. We’ve since solved the issue and re-submitted to Apple. It should be available soon.

  1. I love the app and have been recommending it to many anglers. I made the mistake of deleting the app when I could not refresh the videos thinking if I re-installed it they would work. Shame on me. I am missing the knot tying and fishing reports.
    Cant wait to get it back.

  2. As a beginner Fly fishing instructor, and the lead in Fly at a local Cabelas store, I have often sung the praises of your app to those I work with, but have been very disappointed that it hasn’t been available.

    Do you have plans on making it available again?

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