The Fly-Fishing World is Going Carp Crazy!


The rise of fly fishing for carp shows no sign of abating—no matter how many trout anglers call them trash fish or complain about all the press that carp are getting these days—and the last week or so has seen a veritable carpapalooza across the Internets.

Last week, I finally saw the cover for Kirk Deeter’s new book The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Carp, which will be available on April 18th. Now, all you haters should keep in mind that Deeter is the editor of Trout magazine, yet he’s become a certified carp maniac. The new book turnds the sportlight on these non-native fish, examining their history, behavior, diet, and the challenges they pose for even the most accomplished fly fisherman. Covering everything from the approach, the presentation, how to effectively read both fish and water, and offering recipes for the best patterns to throw, Deeter introduces the most prolific freshwater gamefish to an audience finally ready to stalk them.

Mike Carp

Orvis’s Mike McKinney with a fat Hudson River carp.

photo by Jim Lepage

Also last week, a new issue of the online magazine CarpPro came online. Although most of the magazine is devoted to fishing with hardware, there’s plenty of fly-fishing content, from matching the mulberry hatch to a huge selection of proven carp patterns from some of the biggest names in the business. Click here to read the new issue.

On the tournament front, the dates for the second annual Carp Throwdown in California’s Lake Henshaw were announced. Last year’s event seemed like a great time, and everyone expects this tournament to grow exponentially. With lots of great prizes and plenty of well known anglers taking part, there’s no reason for you not to go if you’re within driving distance.

Finally, angler John Montana, on the Carp on the Fly blog, put the 9-foot 7-weight Helios 2 through the paces and came to the conclusion that he is “going to lay the smack down on carp with this rod this spring.”

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