The Orvis Giant Fly Sale Kicks off Today: 20% Off Everything!

Those of us in the Great White North can finally see the new fishing season fast approaching, and dreams of Hendricksons and caddisflies dance in our heads. (Those of you who get to fish year-round can just pipe down, please.) To help you get ready for a killer spring and summer, we’re launching the Giant Fly Sale. Every fly we well–more than 600 patterns–is 20% off from today through April 13. So check out your fly boxes, see where you have holes to fill, and then stock up!

The new Lexi’s Tactical Get ‘Er Dun May is 20% off.
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And any mention of a Giant Fly Sale calls to mind the killer video starring Tom Rosenbaur from 5 years ago. Check it out below.

Click here to check out the Giant Fly Sale.

5 thoughts on “The Orvis Giant Fly Sale Kicks off Today: 20% Off Everything!”

  1. I hate to admit saying this…. but I would probably purchase the “giant fly”. For a joke on a product sale, Tom may actually have something there.

  2. I love the podcast and listen to it religiously, but i usually can’t stand when Tom tries to be funny. However this….i have to admit….had me laughing out loud. Very silly.

  3. Ahahaha, Tom is the man! The point is definitely well taken though, I’m heading to the site now to start filling my flyboxes.

  4. Aah, yes! A ESPN rip-off…but not bad! Actually a bit funny, although a
    slight bit of over acting on Tom’s part.
    Tom, i suggest you don’t quit your day job!

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